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The Board of Trustees establishes the policies of the temple, manages its business and affairs, and controls its property and revenues. Trustees are the elected lay leaders of the congregation.

The board presently consists of the eleven elected trustees, the eight officers of the temple (the president, three vice presidents, treasurer, two financial secretaries, recording secretary), and the elected presiding officer of each active affiliate of the temple (Men of Reform Judaism, Women of Reform Judaism).

All members of the congregation in good standing may be nominated and elected to serve as a trustee. Trustees serve for a period of two years and can be re-elected twice, for a total of six consecutive years.

The board is governed by the by-laws of the temple. Meetings of the board are held monthly and are open to all members, except for meetings held in closed executive session. All congregants are entitled to have a copy of the temple by-laws upon request.

The current Executive Committee of the board consists of the president, three vice presidents, treasurer, two financial secretaries, recording secretary, and two members of the board elected by the board. The Executive Committee recommends to the board the employment of the management staff and oversees the staff. The committee advises and informs the board on matters relating to the operation, management, and administration of the temple, and on its policies, actions, activities, and future planning. The Executive Committee also meets monthly.


Lydia Schorr Silverman

Vice Presidents

Dr. Shelley Ast, Dr. Craig Katz, Wendi Shulman


Joanne Heyman

Co-Financial Secretaries

Dorothy M. Kay, Susan Mills Birnbaum

Recording Secretary

Dorothy Feldman

Men of Reform Judaism President

Steven Rosenfeld

Women of Reform Judaism President

Joanne Heyman

Board of Trustees

Dr. Shelley Ast, Susan Mills Birnbaum, Darren Chervitz, Arline Davis, Dorothy Feldman, Beth Fertig-Friedman, Dr. L. Michael Griffel, Joanne Heyman, Sara Kane, Dr. Craig Katz, Lev Katz, Dorothy M. Kay, Dr. Helen Meltzer Krim, Justin Lerer, Nessa Levinson, Dr. Yvette Marrin, Mac Psachie, Dr. Rachel L. Radna, Dr. Frederick Schweitzer, Rebecca Sherman, Wendi Shulman, Lydia Schorr Silverman, and Dr. Ronna Weber.

Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784