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Men of Reform Judaism

The Riverdale Temple Men of Reform Judaism is a vibrant, multi-generational organization that offers a variety of fun activities to congregants of all ages.

Headed by Steven Rosenfeld, the Men of Reform Judaism has a 65-year heritage of helping raise money for Temple projects and providing community service. Whenever there is a challenge, be it financial or other, the Men of Reform Judaism is there to offer assistance.

Men of Reform Judaism activities include, film festivals and movie nights, guest speaker breakfasts, sports outings, and social outreach to the Riverdale Temple community at large. Most importantly what you find here as an active member is friendship. This is today’s Riverdale Temple’s Men of Reform Judaism.

Membership is open to all Riverdale Temple members in good standing 13 years of age and up. New Temple members and recent B’nei Mitzvah members receive their first year of membership at no charge.

For information on our calendar of events, to suggest activities, and of course, how to join, contact Steven Rosenfeld at:

Standing for Israel, Standing for Peace

The following column was written by Steve Rosenfeld, President, Men of Reform Judaism. It expresses his own opinions and not those of Riverdale Temple.

Let me be honest: The recent state of events in Israel made me question what to write about this month. My usual articles just didn’t seem appropriate. Therefore, I have been trying to figure out how to proceed. I have often focused my articles on antisemitism, and I have shared statistics which confirmed a steadily increasing amount of antisemitic attacks here and across the country.

I’m not an expert on the topic of antisemitism however, as a proud person of the Jewish faith, I have encountered what I considered to be antisemitic behavior. I do know that what happened at 6:30 a.m. on Oct. 7 in Israel was an act of barbaric terrorism. 

More than 1,400 innocent people were murdered and thousands more injured. The number of people publicly known to have been kidnapped by Hamas terrorists may exceed 300 people.

Hamas is a terrorist group that consistently threatens and kills people who are Jewish or not. Today the issue is not about whether you are pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, but whether you support the human rights of all citizens. It is clear (to me) that Hamas must be eliminated once and for all time. They terrorize the people living in Gaza and they are not welcomed or sanctioned by the law-abiding residents of Gaza. There is absolutely zero justification for the terrorist attacks threatening thousands of individuals’ lives.

I grieve with those who are mourning. I stand with mothers and fathers who have lost a child. Most importantly, I stand for peace.

These are indeed very challenging times for Israel and its neighbors. It is an equally challenging time for us living in a deeply divided country with dysfunctional political leadership and the possibility of globally escalating conflicts. If there ever was a moment when the Jewish people need to put aside our differences and speak with one voice on behalf of peace, security, and freedom, that time is now.


Mon, April 22 2024 14 Nisan 5784