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B'nai Mitzvah

Member families who send their children through our religious school program are eligible to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah once the student turns 13 (by either the Hebrew or Gregorian calendar). Students must have been enrolled for at least three years prior to their ceremony, unless they are fluent in Hebrew, and/or attend a Hebrew day school. In such cases, the rabbi will work with the family to determine what type of involvement in the congregation will make the ritual of bar or bat mitzvah most meaningful. All of our students find meaningful ways to contribute and add to the Temple community.

Unaffiliated families who find themselves desiring a bar or bat mitzvah celebration for their children are encouraged to contact us to discuss membership options.

Adults who did not have the opportunity to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah ceremony as children may choose to join an Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah class leading to a shared Sabbath morning service during which they chant from the Torah and Haftarah, and lead major portions of the worship. Please contact us if you are interested in joining a class. Rabbi Gardner is also available to work with individuals to prepare a Torah or Haftarah portion for a Shabbat morning service of their choice.

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